DeeWeed Mats are produced from either 100% biodegradable wool mulch or from heavy duty long lasting polypropylene Synthetic mulch.

The Wool Fabric

100% biodegradable, containing nutrients such as Nitrogen:Sodium:Potassium and Magnesium:This Fabric is best used in conjunction with bark or mulch. Totally degrades in 18 months.

Syn 105 Fabric

The standard option and is best used in conjunction with bark or mulch. This fabric is best used when mats are hidden and dont see much sunlight. Also used for containers and the P.B bag systems.

Syn 108 Fabric

Bark or mulch is Not Required.This fabric is best when conditions prevent the use of bark/mulch. Mats are used extensively on slopes/banks.The rough backing offers a Soil Retention and Erosion Control.

Product Range

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Hamilton City Council
Wellington City Council
Auckland City Council
Christchurch City
Council Papakura City Council
Tauranga District Council
Franklin District Council


Eco Works Waitakere City
Wellington Botanical Gardens
Auckland Botanical Gardens
Department of Conservation
Exell NZ
Arbor Care Ltd


KiwiFruit Management
Macadamia Management
Morgan Pollard Associates
GreenBelt Queenstown
Simunovich Olive Estate
Leafy Ridge Olives
Southern Cross Olives


Cottage Hill Olives
Natural Habitats
The Incredible Landscape Ltd
Ardmore Nurseries
Bruntwood Nursery
Lyndale Nursery
Naturally Native


Full Bloom Flora
Cedar Lodge Nursery
Omaio Nurseries
Nortex Ltd
Bonsai NZ Ltd
Taupo Native Nursery

Magazine Articles And Press

Even magazines and other media sorces have noticed deeWeed's chemical free weed prevention and cost effective advantages.

Lifestyle Block

"DeeWeed mats have been both suitable, sustainable and supplied for various sectors in our home garden and lifestyle block orchardists.They also supply local & regional councils as well as D.O.C and forestry workers"

Landscape NZ

"These biodegradable wool mats deliver valuable nutrients allowing the soil to remain moist after water or rainfall and also encourage earthworms to habituate boosting the soils microbe activity. The thermal insulation present within the mats provides a mini-greenhouse environment for your vegetation allowing a decrease in temperature fluctuations between day and night conditions."

NZ Gardner

"Contemplating planting natives an orchard or maybe a woodlot? Ongoing weed control can become a tedious time-consuming task.If you are looking for a chemical-free,natural option, then the deeweed range of mats offers a cost-effective,time-saving weed control program."

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